retainer assurance program

Retainer Assurance Program

Congratulations! You have completed your orthodontic treatment at CHT, and now it’s time to switch over to wearing retainers. Retainers are an essential part of your orthodontic treatment Read More

You Got a Carriere, Now What?

Congratulations! You have started your orthodontic journey towards “Living Your Best Smile”. A few important reminders to keep in mind as you adjust to your new appliance : 1. Read More

You Got Inbrace, Now What?

Congratulations!  Thank You for Choosing INBRACE and Welcome to the Crowd  You’ve taken the first and most important step on your way to a great new smile. This is Read More

You Got Invisalign, Now What?

Congratulations on your decision to pursue improved oral health withInvisalign! Please read this carefully and make sure to clarify any questions you may have regarding your Invisalign Read More

You Got Braces, Now What?

Welcome to your orthodontic journey! As with anything new, there will be some adjustments and questions. This blog will help you become familiar with some of the guidelines we have Read More

You Got An Expander, Now What?

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Wear Your Retainers, Keep Your Smile Shining.

You are near the end of your orthodontic journey and about to reveal your perfect smile! Now it’s time for us to talk about the next part of your “journey”, retainers. A few Read More

Understanding Your Orthodontic Insurance

At CHT Orthodontics, we understand that orthodontic treatment is an investment. To offset the out-of-pocket investment for orthodontic treatment, some employers offer orthodontic Read More