Congratulations! You have started your orthodontic journey towards “Living Your Best Smile”.

A few important reminders to keep in mind as you adjust to your new appliance :

1. We recommend waiting 24 hours after getting the Carriere before you to start wearing the rubber bands and lower essix retainer so we can allow the glue to fully set 

2. Wear the rubber bands and lower essix retainer full time, 22 hours a day. Take both the rubber bands and lower essix retainer out while eating. You can leave them in while drinking water, but avoid anything colored so it does not stain the retainer.

3. We recommend switching out the rubber bands to a new pair, 1-2 times per day since the elasticity of the rubber bands can wear down.

4. ALWAYS wear the lower essix retainer when the rubber bands are in. If for any reason the lower essix is lost or broken, call the office immediately and discontinue wearing the rubber bands until the new lower essix is delivered. Wearing the rubber bands without the essix could cause the teeth/bite to shift in the wrong direction.

5. Clean the lower essix gently with toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day.

6. Try to avoid really hard foods like candy, hard mints, jolly ranchers, etc while you have the Carriere in place.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, a member of our team would be happy to help you! Call our office at (630) 323-1201