“This office makes going to the orthodontist the best it could possibly be!”

— Mary Kay R. 

“Dr. Thangamani is the NICEST orthodontist you will ever meet, let alone nicest person, with the best team of assistants! My best friend, C.N., has braces and her teeth look like amazing A+ quality teeth! And I can’t wait to get amazing teeth like that! I would definitely recommend going to Dr. Thangamani!”

— Caroline V. 

CHT Orthodontics testimonials“Thank you so much for my beautifully straight teeth! When I was thinking about braces and I was not able to use Invisalign, I figured ‘forget it.’ Then you did such a nice job of showing me, without pressure or salesmanship, how my teeth were basically falling in and would be getting worse. So most importantly, I thank you for educating me on the issues and being patient while I took three months to decide. You and your staff are truly amazing. It was a pleasure to go to my and Lill’s appointments. From the moment we walked in the door, we were greeted with a big smile and friendly hello. Then with barely a chance to sit down in your beautiful waiting room, we were escorted back to the chair where we were always pleasantly told what would be happening and if we had any questions. In addition, the staff would remember what we talked about the previous visit so we had real conversations, not just about weather. Each time you spoke to me and Lill you’d explain where we were in the process, what we needed to do and what was coming next, all while being pleasant and open to questions or concerns. Of course, I love, love my teeth. To sum it up, your office is, pleasant, professional, and punctual and I am very pleased with the results!”

— Kelly 

“Our children, Nic and Bella, received orthodontic care at CHT Orthodontics, and we couldn’t be happier. Dr. Thangamani and her staff are outstanding, and our children’s beautiful smiles are amazing! The staff at CHT Orthodontics has always been pleasant and friendly while still presenting themselves in a professional manner. They are always eager to help — whether in scheduling, answering billing questions, or addressing any other need we may have. And Dr. Thangamani is wonderful. She is always thorough, taking whatever time necessary to explain options and next steps, and always available and comprehensive in answering questions. She is friendly, approachable, and kind. It is very evident that she loves what she does and cares about her patients. We highly recommend Dr. Thangamani and CHT Orthodontics to anyone in need of orthodontic care!”

— Brian and Jennifer S. CHT Orthodontics team

“LOVE the entire staff! Truly the best ortho staff!!”

— Elizabeth H. 

“Dr. Thangamani is the best!”

— David L. 

“Dr. Thanganami is the nicest person ever! Caroline loves her!”

— Diana V. 

“Everyone here is so amazing! They take the time to truly ask how your day is going. The staff has helped ease Steven’s anxiety but taking so much extra time with him to answer ALL of his questions. He looks forward to his appointments and earning points!”

“Couldn’t be happier with care at CHT.”

“Dr. Carrie and staff have been warm, knowledgeable, and provide excellent service. Have already put the word out how great this office is!!!”

“We love coming to CHT Orthodontist. Everyone is friendly and the appointments run smooth.”

“Exceptional kindness and professionalism.”

“We switched to CHT because the care was not personal at our previous office. Also treatment was not explained well. We are very happy with Dr. Carrie.”

“You have an incredible office family here! Truly amazing in every way. Keep up the wonderful job!!!!