Braces Hidden Behind Your Teeth

INBRACE Smartwires are a great cosmetic alternative to traditional braces for straightening your teeth.
Instead of being placed on the front of your teeth, they're placed behind.

About INBRACE Smartwires

It’s just like braces, but on the inside. Smartwires utilize customized brackets fabricated to fit right onto the contours of the back of your teeth.

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With behind the teeth braces, patients have the opportunity to create a beautiful smile without anybody even knowing treatment is taking place.

To make your invisible braces, Dr. Carrie or Dr. Ami will start by taking an impression of your teeth and sending it to a dental laboratory. They'll use the impression to create customized wires.

The process takes about six weeks and allows Dr. Carrie and Dr. Ami to cement the braces onto the backs of your teeth in specific ways.

Advantages of INBRACE Smartwires

  • A truly invisible, discreet option
  • The braces remain in place throughout the treatment
  • No forgetting to put your aligner back in after meals
  • Customized brackets that fit each tooth perfectly

Many people prefer behind the teeth braces as they are practically invisible. They offer eligible patients a more discreet option.

They are placed at the back of the teeth and face the tongue rather than being placed on the front of teeth as traditional braces are. Generally speaking, more adults opt for lingual braces as they are less visible.

Who Is A Good Candidate for INBRACE Smartwires?

For Smartwires, your teeth have to be long enough to provide sufficient room to glue the braces on the inside of the teeth which is why they may not work for children or those who have small teeth.

In order to wear invisible braces, one cannot have excessive bite problems either. Getting used to behind the teeth braces can be a bit tricky as they can take a little longer to get used to due to their positioning, but the end result is worth it.

Find Out If INBRACE Is a Good Fit for Your Smile

Behind the teeth braces work in the same way as traditional braces by applying gentle, continuous pressure to your teeth to slowly shift them into the best position for your smile.

This treatment can take anywhere from 6-30 months, depending on how bad your bite or overcrowding is.

See if INBRACE Smartwires are right for you at your free consultation with Dr. Carrie or Dr. Ami.