The school year is off to a good start and the smell of Fall is in the air. Have you had your first Pumpkin Spice Latte yet? Maybe you’ll have a few moments of free time ahead – fingers crossed! Your children have settled into their routines and are finally comfortable with their classmates and teachers. We love Fall and all that it brings. With the return to school and new classmates, you may be asking yourself; “Why do so many young children have braces?”  Orthodontic treatment definitely is more prevalent than it used to be and we can explain why.

The American Association of Orthodontics currently recommends that children are evaluated by an orthodontist between ages 7 and 10. At CHT Orthodontics, these initial consultations are complimentary and enable our orthodontists to get a baseline understanding of your child’s dental growth and development. Most of the time, early treatment is not necessary and we will simply monitor your child’s dental growth and development.  However, there are times when a child between the ages of 7 and 10 does not have enough room in their mouth for their adult teeth. Or, a child may have a bite or jaw issue that can only be corrected at a younger age.  

Some of the orthodontic appliances used at a younger age may include expanders on the palate (or roof of the mouth), braces on the front of the teeth, and space maintainers.  We find that children adapt to these appliances very easily and do very well throughout treatment.   When early treatment is indicated, it can prevent extractions of adult teeth when older, gain symmetry to the smile, and even prevent jaw surgery as an adult.

At our complimentary new patient consultation, our friendly staff will greet you, take some photos and then Dr. Carrie and our treatment coordinator will meet with you and your child. She will review photos, discuss your child’s dental growth and development and any orthodontic concerns. If any treatment is recommended, she will discuss her recommendations and goals in detail. If no treatment is necessary, we recommend seeing your child for growth checks 1-2 times per year. A new patient consultation at CHT Orthodontics is an easy and informative experience and nothing your child has to be nervous about. In fact, we find that most children are excited about any new “hardware” they may be getting!  

Happy Fall and we hope that answers some of your questions. As always, please feel free to reach out with any additional concerns. We look forward to meeting you soon! You know, in some of that free time 🙂