Have you noticed that your teeth have shifted in adulthood and have thought about re-straightening them?  Most of us did not know to wear our retainers long term, so often we see some crowding of our teeth as we age.  If you have been putting off orthodontics because you don’t like the options of traditional braces or removable trays, there is now a new way to align your teeth that may be a perfect fit for your lifestyle!

InBrace is a more “invisible” way to straighten your smile.  Essentially, it is teeth straightening on autopilot, using a personalized Smartwire hidden BEHIND your teeth that gently perfects your smile.  

Created by orthodontists, the Smartwire uses advanced computer modeling to move your teeth in a way that is FAST, healthy, and completely under the radar.  You may start noticing results in as little as one month!  Click here to learn more about how InBrace works .  

InBrace is a great option for busy moms and dads who are always on the go!   With InBrace, you can also expect a shorter treatment time than traditional braces or aligners.   Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it kind of is.  Recommended by top orthodontists, InBrace has been featured in top publications such as Allure or NewBeauty magazine.

CHT Orthodontics in Hinsdale is the first provider in the western Chicago suburbs to offer this type of treatment, and one of the few in the entire Chicagoland area.  Consultations are 100% complimentary.  Mention this and receive a set of whitening trays at the conclusion of treatment!