You are near the end of your orthodontic journey and about to reveal your perfect smile!

Now it’s time for us to talk about the next part of your “journey”, retainers.

A few quick notes:

  • You will get an upper retainer that is clear and removable and a lower retainer that is clear and removable as well or fixed behind the teeth and permanent.
  • Your removable retainer is expected to be worn 24/7 for the first 4-6 weeks after your braces are removed.
  • After the initial month, we recommend wearing your removeable retainer “night time for a lifetime“. Or at least as long as your want straight teeth 😉
  • Note : For those completing Phase I treatment, you may not have all of the retainers mentioned above and you are expected to wear your removable retainer only at nighttime.

Easy peasy. Wear your retainers, keep your smile shining.

Unfortunately, retainers can be lost, misplaced, thrown away, broken, or (our fav) eaten by the dog.

We do offer replacement retainers starting at $300. We also have our Retainer Assurance Program available to purchase. For more details on that program you can read about it here.

Hold onto the model of your teeth you receive and bring it to the office if your retainer is lost or broken. If you don’t have a model or your teeth have shifted, other options are available as well. A CHT team member will be happy to discuss your options with you.

Now for the details.

WEAR : Wear your retainers as much as possible for the first few months as recommended by Dr. Carrie, especially at nighttime while sleeping. A protective case is provided for you – “if it’s not in your face, it should be in its case.” Teeth can shift overtime, that is why longtime retainer wear is necessary.

CLEANING : To keep retainers clean, brush them with a toothbrush and cold water each time you brush. The retainers get a plaque build-up and odor if they are not kept clean. You can also soak them in Efferdent or Polident and then scrub with your toothbrush. NEVER use HOT water.

PETS : Dogs love to eat retainers, trust us! Keep your retainer away from your pets.

AVOID HEAT : Your retainer is made out of medical grade plastic, it WILL melt or warp if it gets hot. Never leave in a hot car, run under hot water, or boil your retainer.

FIT : Your retainers should feel snug if you are wearing them properly. Retainers do not change in size, but your teeth can shift. Wear your retainer to prevent shifting.

FOLLOW-UP VISITS : Please bring your retainers with you to every appointment to allow Dr. Carrie to check their fit and adjust if needed. Follow-up visits are included in your treatment fee for the first year after removal. After one year of retention, there will be an office visit charge should you need to see us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any member of our team!