Invisalign Teen

Teens these days have a lot on their plates, between school, extracurricular activities, and social media “management.” Finding out they’re facing braces can add one more source of stress to an already lengthy list! Modern orthodontics have come a long way in recent years, and braces are now less obvious and more comfortable. However, it can still be difficult for us to shake the stereotype we all grew up with of a miserable teen with a mouthful of metal.

Although crooked teeth may keep your teen tight-lipped, the idea of wearing traditional metal braces may make them clamp down even more. If you’re dreading breaking the braces news to them, CHT Orthodontics has good news for you: Invisalign Teen is an alternative orthodontic treatment with all the benefits and none of the bad stuff.

Let’s take a look at what makes Invisalign such an excellent treatment option for teens!

The Invisible option

Invisalign Teen is a clear aligner system providing a nearly invisible way of straightening teeth using clear, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teen’s teeth. These aligners replace the wires, brackets, and bands that traditional braces use.

If we’re being honest, image is important. Being able to feel like they fit in with their peers plays a big part in a teen’s self-confidence and self-esteem. During a recently conducted Teen Confidence survey, Invisalign found that teens wearing their clear aligners were almost 70% less likely to be teased than those wearing traditional metal braces. That’s a pretty significant statistic, and one that’s hard to ignore.

In that same survey, the results showed that teens wearing Invisalign aligners were more likely to experience a boost in self-esteem while in treatment than those wearing metal braces. Unfortunately, middle and high school is timed to coincide with the height of hormone-based craziness, and kids can often be teased for appearing different in any way. Being able to straighten their teeth in a more subtle way means they can skip all the self-conscious stuff and focus on cultivating their self-confidence instead!

Eat, drink, and be merry

When you’re a teen or a young adult, a lot of social activities revolve around food. Unfortunately, the food restrictions associated with traditional braces can mean sticking out like a sore thumb when you’re not able to participate. The wires and brackets of metal braces mean passing up anything sticky, chewy, or crunchy, and saying no to staple snacks like popcorn, nuts, or apples. However, Invisalign aligners are designed to be removed every time your teen eats or drinks, so there’s no need to make a whole new menu based around their braces!

Most patients are able to eat and drink normally while in treatment, but it’s important to maintain a vigorous dental hygiene routine. It’s an important part of everyday life, but even more so with any kind of orthodontic treatment. Patients should brush and floss thoroughly at least twice every day. Keeping food and bacteria from becoming trapped against teeth and gums is imperative, but the wires and brackets of metal braces can often make caring for teeth a little trickier than normal. Teens will be advised to remove their Invisalign aligner when brushing and flossing; this makes keeping teeth clean and healthy a whole lot easier!

Food and flossing aren’t the only areas where the flexibility of Invisalign Teen gives it an edge over traditional braces. Contact sports can be questionable with metal braces, since the brackets and wires can break or be knocked loose, causing irritation or pain to the sensitive skin of the gums and cheeks. Traditional braces can also get in the way of playing mouthy musical instruments. With Invisalign, teens can remove their aligners, allowing your sports superstar or mighty musician to focus when and where it’s most important.

Similar cost and effectiveness

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Invisalign Teen can be every bit as effective as traditional braces for most common teeth-straightening cases, but only when worn the recommended 20-22 hours a day, every day, so it’s very important for your teen to be reliable with this. Many parents worry that this will be an issue, but a clinical study actually showed that teens wear their aligners more responsibly than most adults! If you’re still not convinced, we’ve got you covered: each Invisalign Teen aligner has a blue indicator that will fade over time when used as directed. This allows me to keep up with and track each patient’s progress and compliance.

Invisalign can successfully treat most mild to moderate cases of underbite, overbite, overcrowding, and gaps between the teeth. Although not every teen is a candidate for Invisalign, most will be, so get in touch with us to find out if it’s a good fit for your teen.

One of the most common concerns for families exploring alternatives to braces is cost. Invisalign Teen has been shown to cost just about as much as traditional braces, and here at CHT Orthodontics, our treatment coordinator will review your financial options with you and work hard to make sure your family can receive the quality orthodontic care you deserve.

In addition, many dental insurance policies will cover Invisalign Teen orthodontic treatment. Our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. As a courtesy to our patients, we’ll submit claims on your behalf. We’re also willing to customize a solution for your financial needs by offering payment plans that fit your budget, so treatment is affordable and practical. We never want a patient to miss out on orthodontic treatment due to funds, and our friendly financial coordinators will work with you to make sure that’s never an issue for you or your family.

Invisalign Teen with CHT Orthodontics

If you’re in Hinsdale or the surrounding areas, and are ready to explore what Invisalign may have to offer your teen, get in touch with our team today to set up a free Invisalign Teen consultation with us. It’s my goal to welcome each patient into our practice as if they’re already friends, building relationships with families along the way.

With state-of-the-art technology and top-notch orthodontic techniques, we’re dedicated to providing superior service and care to every patient we serve. For more information on how we can create beautiful results for you or your teen, click here or call our office at 630.323.1201.

With Invisalign Teen, we’ll give your child a smile they’re proud to show off in no time!