Ah, summertime. Long afternoons spent floating in the pool, waffle cones with scoops of mint chocolate chip dripping down your fingers, and brand new braces for the kids. Wait, what? While you might not associate summertime with braces (yet!), summer is actually the perfect time to start your kids’ orthodontic treatment. Here’s why!

Summer is the best time to get braces in Hinsdale!

1. No Missed School

Your kids’ schedules are already packed with volleyball practice and violin lessons. During the school year, getting braces on can lead to hours of missed classes, which means catching up on lessons, homework, and tests. But making up school doesn’t have to be part of the braces equation. Getting braces on during summer break means no missed classes (probably much to your child’s dismay)!

2. Easier to Get Used to

Getting braces on can be an adjustment for kids: their teeth might be sore from shifting, the brackets might irritate the insides of their mouths, and they might have to give up some of their favorite foods. Dealing with these changes can be challenging during the school year, when they’re trying to focus in classes and not draw attention to their new “brace face.” Getting braces in the summer means that period of adjustment can be spent in the comfort of home with a fridge full of cool, soft foods.

Would you rather skip the food limitations and irritation of the inside of the mouth? Ask Dr. Carrie about smooth, removable Invisalign aligners. These virtually invisible retainers won’t irritate the inside of the mouth and can be removed so your kid can continue his or her movie theater popcorn habit! They’re especially helpful for kids who are active in sports or play woodwind instruments.

3. Frozen Treats!

We weren’t lying about those waffle cones of mint chocolate chip! Cold, soft foods can feel amazing to sore mouths in the days after getting braces or having them adjusted. While we can’t condone a steady diet of ice cream, cold or frozen foods like yogurt, frozen yogurt, and smoothies are both refreshing in the summer heat and feel great on new braces.
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